In the fight against malware, PC Matic proves its chops

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By TJ Lundeen
Sales & Marketing Specialist

In the world of cybersecurity, antivirus is often seen as the first line of defense to prevent, detect, and remove malware from endpoints. While the job of antivirus is pretty straightforward, there are many options to serve this purpose for personal and business users.

From PC Protect to McAfee, the market is flooded with software options, but only one company is wholly created in the United States — PC Matic.

Starting in the research and development phase and moving to implementation and support, PC Matic is all-U.S. based and has been since its inception in 1999. Starting as PC Pitstop and morphing into PC Matic, the company began as a computer performance forum and found its footing in cyber threat prevention.

Today, PC Matic is used for personal computers, businesses, and in the government to provide antivirus and ransomware prevention to millions of endpoints across the globe.

What can PC Matic do?

Within its offerings, PC Matic has three consumer products and enterprise products to fit the needs of businesses. On the consumer side, PC Matic offers its flagship product, PC Matic, along with PC Magnum and Optimize.

PC Matic is the standard security product, providing malware and ransomware protection. PC Magnum helps keep private files and data from falling into the wrong hands by scanning, cleaning, and removing caches, cookies, histories, and downloads. Optimize is a new and improved version of the former PC Pitstop technology, which is designed to improve computer performance.

In its enterprise offerings, PC Matic PRO offers cloud-based endpoint security and remote management with real-time whitelisting to block unwanted and unsafe programs from working on your machines. More than 100,000 businesses trust PC Matic PRO, which has scanned over 100 million applications and PCs with its technology.

What does PC Matic PRO provide for businesses?

PC Matix PRO offers a complete solution for businesses, using whitelisting, patch management, and traditional anti-malware protection and cleaning. Its whitelist keeps businesses secure by using real-time updates to deny access to any blacklisted programs.

In extensive testing, the PC Matic PRO whitelist has produced 99.99% good file accuracy and blocks more unique and old threats than blacklists and heuristic detection. In addition, proactive whitelist technology is a strong opponent to ransomware, as it is the only solution to completely block ransomware before it can encrypt business data.

Why use PC Matic?

As an antivirus and antimalware solution, PC Matic has brought home numerous awards as a market leader, most innovative product, editor’s choice, ransomware prevention, and cyber defense awards.

In a crowded market, PC Matic has garnered excellent reviews from PC Mag, CNET.de, and PC Magazine. It has been called “an effective antivirus and system optimization tool. It did quite a good job in my malware-blocking test,” by PC Mag.

PC News Magazine said, “With PC Matic, you never have to worry about performance, speed, and maintenance of your PC ever again as it handles it all.”

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