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Archetype SC was created to be a trusted resource for strategic technology planning. Our expert consultants are dedicated to providing technology perspectives and information-filled insights that help you stay ahead of the technology curve. Here are some of the latest articles, guides, and industry news to keep you informed about what's happening in the digital space.

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  • Article

    Could the password become a thing of the past?

    For some time, major companies have been moving away from a single password as a method of authentication and moving towards multifactor aut ...
  • Article

    Got Your Head in the Clouds?

    If not, perhaps you should consider getting it there.  The current cloud computing offerings provide flexibility and agility that are hard ...
  • Guides

    Cyber Security and Fishing Guide

    Fishing guides are a secretive bunch.  Their livelihood depends on finding good fishing spots then taking paying clients to them.  If we f ...
  • Industry News

    Next Generation of Payment Cards

    You likely have heard about the new shift in the credit card industry from magnetic strip to EMV chip cards. These cards have a small chip i ...
  • Article

    Risky Business

    Deloitte and RSA presented a collection of seven articles on risk, covering topics ranging from general business risk to IT specific risks. ...
  • Article

    Too Much Access

    In my experience as a security engineer, I have noticed that employees are often given significantly more access than needed. This is partic ...
  • Article

    This is not a “Game of Thrones”

    Overview “Game of Thrones” fans are very familiar with the Dyre Wolf.  I am not, however; referring to the Dyre Wolf that is the blood ...
  • Article

    Application Whitelisting

    Application whitelisting (AWL) is a technology that has been used in the security industry for a long time but is not yet widely accepted in ...
  • Article

    The Power of Zero

    Zero Overview ‘Zero’ is a working style which suggests that keeping a clean, clutter-free, working space helps to focus the mind and inc ...
  • Article

    Reactive Security vs Proactive Awareness

    Not too long ago most people were unaware of how valuable their personal data was and the impact it could have on one’s life when it fel ...
  • Article

    You Don't Need a Data Scientist

    Headlines tout messages like “Data is the New Oil  [1]” and tell us that a “Data Scientist [is] the Sexiest Job of the 21st Centu ...
  • Guides

    Securing Your Network Infrastructure – Free Auditing Tools

    In this edition of our “Securing Your Windows Infrastructure” series, I’ll be talking about some great free tools offered by Netwrix. ...
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