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Archetype SC was created to be a trusted resource for strategic technology planning. Our expert consultants are dedicated to providing technology perspectives and information-filled insights that help you stay ahead of the technology curve. Here are some of the latest articles, guides, and industry news to keep you informed about what's happening in the digital space.

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  • Guides

    Securing Your Windows Infrastructure – Domain Isolation

    In this series I will cover some lesser-known features, built right into Windows, which can be used to secure your Windows infrastructure. I ...
  • Article

    Security Ease of Use Triangle

    Everybody wants to be secure but not everyone is willing to make sacrifices to achieve it. The security/functionality/ease of use triangle i ...
  • Article

    Hiring Bias

    Biased decisions are difficult to avoid when selecting a new employee from a large group of qualified candidates.  Hiring bias begins when ...
  • Article

    Big Data and Analytics

    We continue to read headlines about “big data” and the power that it can have on almost any market, but it continues to be an amorphous ...
  • Article

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

    I went to a private, Christian university where vices such as swearing were certainly discouraged, if not outright banned. After registering ...
  • Product Review

    LastPass: The Last Password You Have to Remember

    Every security professional will tell you the importance of creating unique, long, and strong credentials for all of the accounts you have b ...
  • Industry News

    Windows Server 2003 End of Life

    It should come as no surprise that Windows Server 2003 is entering End of Life on July 14th of this year. What should be surprising is that ...
  • Article

    Is Big(ger) Data Really What You Need for Better Results?

    Is Big(ger) Data Really What You Need for Better Results? The past couple of weeks, I have been thinking about “big data,” and its growi ...
  • Article

    CISA and Your Privacy

    The CyberSecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA), is a law currently circulating through Congress in draft form. In a nutshell it is ...
  • Article

    Managing the software supply chain

    Imperatives for success An IBM White Paper with the above title got my attention because of the heavy emphasis on software development tight ...
  • Industry News

    Exploit Kits taking advantage of Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities..

    Today we will be taking a look at some of the recent security issues Adobe has been including Adobe's recently-issued security advisory ...
  • Article

    The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

    As much as some things change, other things tend to remain the same. Things like the need for project methodology, setting standards, and co ...
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