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  • Article

    Interaction Is the New Black

     Intro As technology evolves the standard for design changes. The days of static design, with nothing but hotspots and jpegs, is over. With ...
  • Industry News

    Google Merging Chrome OS with Android

    Google’s Android, the most widely used operating system in the world, is going to be getting some more firepower. Into 2017 Google plans t ...
  • Article

    Is your IT organization Bimodal?

    If you are wondering what Bimodal is, it’s a term used recently by Gartner to describe two different and complimentary facets of IT organi ...
  • Article

    Who, What, When, Where, Why ---- How?

    If you have children or grandchildren like me, you’ve probably heard these questions on multiple children’s TV shows where the character ...
  • Industry News

    Stagefright Exploit

    The InfoSec community has seen a rise in attention grabbing names for security vulnerabilities over the last couple years like Heartbleed, F ...
  • Article

    Material Design Lite offers Bootstrap alternative… or does it?

    Material Design Lite (MDL) allows a user to bring Google’s Material Design look & feel to their own websites. The aim is to optimize f ...
  • Article

    Black Hat

    Black Hat, the organization that has been providing the IT industry with the latest in security research, development and trends for the bet ...
  • Article

    No Pain, No Gain

    I recently spent time thinking about a software development project I’m managing that had me a bit puzzled.  This is first time in my lo ...
  • Article

    Better Living through (Data) Chemistry

    A number of years ago, I was quite sick, but like so many people, still felt compelled to go in to the office i. I did the only logical thin ...
  • Article

    Quick-Starting Web Projects

    When you’ve been building websites for over a decade, you can grow tired of the minutia of starting from a blank document every time. Its ...
  • Guides

    Securing Your Windows Infrastructure – Microsoft Security Compliance Manager

    Welcome to the second installment of Securing Your Windows Infrastructure. In the previous article, I talked about Domain and Server Isolati ...
  • Guides

    You are the Weakest Link….Goodbye Security!

    Everyone makes mistakes, that’s right, I said everyone. The most important part of making a mistake is embracing the opportunity to learn ...
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