How airports can utilize location based analytics to follow COVID guidelines

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By Patrick Nord
Vice President of Professional Services

As leisure travel returns to prominence throughout 2021, ramping up safety and security measures around COVID-19 guidelines will be a critical activity for airports.

In the fight against the Coronavirus, location-based analytics will be a valuable tool for ensuring the safety of passengers, staff, and contractors that make use of your facility. While helping fight the spread of the virus will be done through safety protocols like wearing a face covering, the impact of creating social distancing within your facility will also be a critical factor.

Ensuring passengers have enough space through floor markings and deliberately spaced queues does not provide a holistic look into where people are at a given time.

Those floor coverings act as suggestions that should be maintained and utilized by the public, but a real-time solution tracking movement by individuals will allow for more accurate information into the spacing and movement in your facility.

How Location-Based Analytics Can Help

Utilizing location-based analytics, like Archetype SC’s A2 Analytics, unlocks the power of real-time analysis of the movement within a given space. It can answer questions like:

  • Is the spacing within the TSA line being followed?
  • How many people are in the restroom and is that number higher than regulations allow?
  • Are people adhering to the closure of certain seating areas to allow for distancing?

Protecting passengers, staff, and contractors is an endeavor that will take an abundance of caution and preparation.

Using digital measures, like location-based analytics, can help prevent business interruptions by identifying areas in which an infected person frequented to focus on cleaning efforts, monitoring of zones to target congested areas for dispersal, and ensuring arrivals and departures are spaced to avoid close contact situations.

Implementing a low cost, low impact solution like A2 Analytics will provide your facility with peace of mind during trying times.

Insights without limitations

Track the movements of customers, employees or equipment in real-time with A2 Analytics. Find out more about how this revolutionary technology can help you run a more efficient business using machine learning and location-based analytics today!

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