Managing Guests for Odysseys Unlimited

How a customized application solution helped this small group travel company overcome challenges for continued growth

The Problem

A world-class leader in small group travel, Odysseys Unlimited was quickly outgrowing its processes for guest management.

When the company was founded, more than 20 years ago, it managed its guests and reservations with pen and paper.

They eventually graduated to Microsoft Excel and Access, then Lotus Notes.

However, a rapidly growing number of guests and reservations proved that this system of legacy technologies would not accommodate the growth — the time for change was now.

Odysseys Unlimited saw the need for a custom solution that would manage their unique approach to the customer experience.


56 percent of CEOs say that efforts in digital transformation directly lead to revenue growth.

2017, Gartner

The Solution

Before any design work was completed or code written, Archetype SC worked extensively with Odysseys Unlimited to understand the company’s challenges and business needs.

Based on interviews and workshops with Odysseys staff, the project team delivered a detailed outline of how the new system will function. Many pain points were discovered, and a new Guest Management System began to take shape.

With requirements in hand, the design experts at Archetype SC created wireframes and prototypes for the system. Archetype SC worked closely with the client to develop a conversion strategy for their current system records. The team was ready to build the custom solution for Odysseys Unlimited.


Odysseys Unlimited experienced an 85 percent increase in guest reservations from 2014 to, earning more than $200 million in total revenue in 2019.

Source: Odysseys Unlimited, Inc.

The Results

Following design, development, and testing of the custom solution, Archetype SC deployed the new Guest Management System for Odysseys Unlimited. Along with the deployment came intensive training for Odysseys staff and continued work on a client-facing portal.

The portal allowed guests the convenience of making secure, online payments, updating their records, and receiving important documents regarding their upcoming trip.

With the successful launch of the Guest Management System, Odysseys Unlimited continues to evaluate and drive change based on improving Guest Experience with technology.

“Our partnership with Archetype SC and the new system they created has allowed us to meet the challenge of nearly 50% growth, while maintaining our excellent customer service. Without the work of Archetype SC, I’m confident in saying we would not have been able to manage the growth and provide the same high level of service.”

Ray Trant, Executive Vice President
Odysseys Unlimited, Inc.
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