Improving Security Assessment Management for OpenSky

How the development of a streamlined testing center and client portal allows this cybersecurity company to better serve their customers

The Problem

A global leader in security solutions and services, TÜV Rheinland OpenSky, was looking for an application that would both support their cybersecurity testing assessments and provide value to their customers. Like many businesses on their journey of digital transformation, OpenSky had a unique problem that would require a custom solution.

OpenSky provides cybersecurity assessment services that are customized to meet the specific business needs and objectives of their clients. The results of these assessments provide vital information to proactively manage risk and establish effective security practices.

Compiling the results of various security tests with analyzation and recommendations was a manual process that involved input from various experts in order to provide a comprehensive report to the customer.


90 percent of consumers expect an online portal for self-service

Source: Microsoft, 2017

The Solution

Through a series of discovery and requirements workshops, Archetype SC worked with TÜV Rheinland OpenSky to understand the business needs and vision for the application. Archetype SC helped OpenSky to develop a detailed requirements document comprised of Epics and supporting User Stories. The user experience designers at Archetype SC used these requirements to create working prototypes of the intended application. The intuitive design would allow testers at OpenSky to transform and streamline the process of providing security assessment reports to their clients and make these reports securely and easily accessible.

After iterating on the design and implementing changes, the prototypes were transitioned to the development team. User Stories were translated into tasks and milestones were defined. The Agile methodology was used to prioritize requirements into a series of sprints intended to deliver the MVP version of the solution.

OpenSky and Archetype SC worked closely throughout the development process to test and iterate on deliverables, guaranteeing that the end product would meet expectations set forth in the requirements

The Results

Archetype SC delivered a custom web application capable of importing manual and automated security test results. This allows the experts at OpenSky to quickly and efficiently analyze, edit, and make recommendations to their clients on how to proactively mitigate potential issues. Due to the sensitivity of information available in the application, access management and version control were implemented to provide security and confidentiality.

OpenSky uses the application to organize information and generate reports for their clients to conveniently and securely access through a self-service portal. The initial application is built to facilitate the expansion and refinement of the client portal, providing a way for users to easily request quotes, keep track of the cybersecurity health of their organizations, and more.

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft Azure
  • React Framework
  • Telerik Reporting
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • ASP.net
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