Case Study

Growing FLO Living

FLO Living is a virtual online health center to help women solve their hormonal symptoms from anywhere in the world. FLO Living has helped thousands of women over 14 years in more than 216 countries heal their underlying hormone issues. is a trusted virtual destination for women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s to learn how to naturally balance their hormone and reproductive issues with her proprietary, “pro-hormonal,” five-step dietary process that treats the root cause of endocrine dysfunction.

The Problem

FLO Living wants to grow its business

FLO Living wished to significantly expand their current product offering by adding new products to their member site, to include 3 major programs and an additional 4 mini-programs.

Our Approach

Expansion of online offerings

Archetype SC worked with FLO Living to determine and develop a Wishlist Member plugin suite to accommodate the new programs and incorporate new content. In addition, Archetype SC implemented Office 365 and manages FLO Living’s internal IT.

The Solution

A new and improved digital experience, which garnered around 50,000 clicks a month on its previous website, grew to more than 15,000 daily clicks following Archetype SC’s website refresh, while FLO Living as a company has expanded its offerings to include additional members-only websites, product lines, and offerings.

The Results

A Refreshed FLO Living

FLO Living has grown exponentially over the life of its contract with Archetype SC, creating more features and services for its members:

Enhanced Website

FLO Living has grown from 50,000 viewers monthly to more than 15,000 daily, with multiple websites to accommodate its users and followers of the FLO Living Custom Health Plan

Business Growth

The tools implemented by Archetype SC have empowered FLO Living to grow its brand online with expanded product offerings, membership websites, and informational materials.

Agile Business Processes

While the external changes to are seen by the public, changes in the building include outsourced IT to Archetype SC, implementation of Office 365, and increased security to protect business data.

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