When it comes to your security, we don’t take risks.

You wouldn’t risk leaving the office door unlocked or leaving the keys in your car, but when it comes to managing network vulnerability, identifying risks isn’t always this easy.

The cybersecurity experts at Archetype SC specialize in helping companies like yours understand and manage the risks associated with modern business technology.

With the help of our Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, you can uncover issues and mitigate risk before a breach costs your business thousands of dollars in damages.


Managing Network Vulnerability

Vulnerability management is about much more than just reacting to threats when they happen — and they WILL happen.

At Archetype SC, our approach to vulnerability management is about being proactive and working to uncover issues, mitigate risk, and prevent cyber attacks against a network by finding and eliminating vulnerabilities.

It starts with a Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (SRVA) from our team of expert security engineers. By performing this evaluation, we can then create a plan for mitigation and remediation and work with your organization to get in front of any potential cyber risks.


Average number of days it takes an organization to discover a data breach, according to 2018 IDG Security Study.


The number of online attacks rose 56 percent in 2018, according to Symantec’s 2019 Internet Threat Security Report.

What is Srva?

Security Risk and
Vulnerability Assessment

Pronounced “sur-vey”, SRVA stands for Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment. We like to think of it as the best way for businesses to get a taste of what the Archetype SC security team can do for you.

Combining industry-leading scanning tools with the insightful analysis of our experienced security experts, SRVA is a process that includes an on-site scan, expert analysis and straightforward reporting that will serve as a roadmap to a more secure network for your business.

How it Works

Scan to plan in just a few business days.

With SRVA, going from initial scan to a report in-hand takes less than a week, providing a clear path forward to addressing all issues, beginning remediation work and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

We’ll work with your team to schedule an evaluation and send one of our security engineers to you to do a network scan. Using an industry-leading scanning tool called Nessus they will quickly and easily identify vulnerabilities within your network.

During their time on-site our experts will also meet with your team and IT staff to make sure we get a full picture of how your network works, so that they can provide the most accurate and relevant insights for your business.

What you get

Security insights made simple.

Once we’ve completed our on-site visit, our team will get to work analyzing the results of our scan to provide a full picture of the potential risks and vulnerability your business faces.

We’ll provide your team with both an easy-to-digest summary of our findings, as well as a full list of all vulnerabilities and potential risks, organized by severity.

The SRVA report will give a clear picture — in plain English — of the most critical fixes as well as recommendations for how to move forward with remediation and how to sure up your practices and policies to prevent future vulnerability.

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