Let’s Just Go with the Incumbents –

The default position can’t just be what it’s always been, which is, ‘Let’s just go with the incumbents—if a certain company has been around for 20 years, that means they must build the best websites,’” Mr. Rubenstein says. “That is no longer true. The new challenge is about identifying these younger, vibrant, great-idea companies and […]

Hiring Bias

Biased decisions are difficult to avoid when selecting a new employee from a large group of qualified candidates.  Hiring bias begins when reviewing an applicant’s resume: for example, Ivy League schools are known to be preferred to non-Ivy colleges and universities.  Furthermore a comparative baseline, typically one’s own achievements, is used when interviewing candidates.  Laura […]

Big Data and Analytics

We continue to read headlines about “big data” and the power that it can have on almost any market, but it continues to be an amorphous entity without definition or bounds. What one person may deem as big data, another may simply refer to as a large data set. Definitions are important, and in a […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

I went to a private, Christian university where vices such as swearing were certainly discouraged, if not outright banned. After registering for my first econometrics1 class and quickly skimming my reading list, I was surprised (and secretly thrilled) to see Joel Best’s Damned Lies and Statistics as required reading. I fell in love; numbers, modeling, […]

APT28 – Old Dog New Tricks

APT28 is a renowned cyber espionage group suspected to be sponsored by the Russian government. APT28’s existence goes back to, at least, 2007. APT28’s focus has always been on intelligence theft that would benefit a government entity. The group has never before focused on intellectual property or financial information. Now it seems they have shifted […]