Archetype SC Acts as Consultant for Client’s CyberArk Needs

Archetype SC has executed a contract with a client to provide CyberArk expertise in a consulting role. The client’s IT staff sought out Archetype SC’s expertise with CyberArk, contacting Archetype SC team members for consultations with an ongoing project. Due to the volume of consulting requests, Archetype SC and the client signed a contract to […]

Archetype SC Signs Contract to Support RSA SecurID, RSA Authentication Manager for Client

Archetype SC has signed a contract to perform operational support of a customer’s RSA SecurID and RSA Authentication Manager multi-factor authentication solution. Our resources will act as Level 2 and Level 3 support working in a team in which the customer and another security entity will provide Level 1, Level 4, and Delivery Lead staff. […]

No Pain, No Gain

I recently spent time thinking about a software development project I’m managing that had me a bit puzzled.  This is first time in my long experience in project management where there is absolutely no pushback from anyone in the business regarding the project.  No one is questioning the reasons to do it, the scope, or the approach.  The […]