Case Study

Securing Coreblox

Coreblox is a premier provider of Identity and Access management security solutions, but when it came to developing and securing their own website, they realized they did not have the technical expertise or capacity to complete a website implementation. With a site build already underway and facing issues with a complicated development plan, ArchetypeSC stepped in to help lock down the company’s most precious assets and create a better experience for users and admins.

The Problem

Rebuild hits a snag

Roadblocks to completion of the CoreBlox site included design and implement a paywall system, admin interface development and a lack of stability. They also needed an easy and flexible method for later development and improvement of content.

Our Approach

Efficient Migration

Archetype SC rescued the project by quickly implementing our rigorous problem-solving methodology. We crafted a beautiful and effective solution that migrated existing HTML content into a more usable and manageable format.

The Solution

Improved Experience

With limited time to complete the project, we developed a strict timeline and objective set that allowed us to prioritize the client needs against the most severe issues, working systematically to remove issues and strengthen the client experience.

The Results

A New

Take a look at some of the great features of the new-and-improved site, created by ArchetypeSC:

Lean Codebase

Tasked to quickly assess and fix as many internal problems as we could, we moved as many processes as we could into WordPress-compatible plugins and functions, making the code base lean and adaptable.

Battle Tested

A clean website is useless if your customers can’t access information. After optimizing the website, we assembled a small test group and usability plan to review, attack, and report on the effectiveness of the solution.

Enhanced User Experience

Using our testing as a guide, we were able to translate those results into actionable items that further enhanced the user experience for CoreBlox.

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